Andrea Sanders

Andrea is a mindfulness educator, an animal welfare advocate and TEDx speaker. Her work focuses on encouraging environmental responsibility, day-to-day mindfulness and compassionate living.

She spends her time inspiring lifestyles that are vibrant and meaningful while offering practical and supportive guidance. Andrea shares her message and story as an Instagram influencer with a global outreach of over 80,000 followers. Andrea has been invited to share and speak at numerous events, from universities, community panels, podcasts and radio.

Andrea spends time in Seattle, Washington and in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Zack and two rescue dogs, Cosmo and Sam.

Looking for Be Zero?

In late 2018, I made the decision to dissolve the nonprofit. As the sole proprietor, it became no longer sustainable to keep it running for the new year ahead. Thank you to all those who supported the nonprofit over the years and those volunteers who showed up to educate and share the zero waste mindset with your communities. I could not have made Be Zero what it was without your support.

Iā€™l continue my work and mission through this website and my Instagram community at @BeZeroWasteGirl

Remember, if you have a nonprofit out there that you love, make sure to support it!

Sam and Cosmo

Sam and Cosmo



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