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If you’ve been feeling empowered to use your life to make a positive change for the environment, for animals, and for all humans (cause let’s face it, they’re all connected) you’ve come to the right place! But before you get started, I’d love for you to get to know me here. And to keep it really simple you can follow me over on my one and only social media account here. I was also invited to speak at TEDx Aruba which you can watch here.


My life’s mission intersects



animal (+human) welfare


I teach practical ways to reshape habits for the benefit of all living beings and the environment— I call this bio-mindfulness. Bio-mindfulness is a mindset that explores the interconnection and relationships between ourselves and the planet.

By looking closer at the way we live, work, think, eat, and act in daily life we can embrace mindful interactions, widen our compassion for all living beings and take greater responsibility for our planet through practical and effective environmentalism.


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