We need space

We need space internally and externally

Space allows

Our distracted world

We live in an age where we are in an almost constant state of distraction. From endless scrolling on social media, news sites, advertising, and the ability to watch a whole season of T.V. shows in one sitting. We have developed habits that keep our attention occupied 24/7. Modern day humans are more connected than they have been ever in human history and yet our attention spans are under 20 seconds. We need space. We need pause. We need to develop a new habits that include attention, deep listening and compassion.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness, to put it simply, is our undivided attention. It’s paying attention in such a way where we feel the moment we are in with all of our awareness and presence. Mindfulness shows us life more closer than we normally see it. Mindfulness is a like a pair of glasses that we didn’t know we needed. We put “attention on” and all of a sudden see experiences more clearly.

A few benefits of mindfulness:

generating a greater respect and politeness for everything around us

listening and noticing


being able to be in the moment - good or bad

focus more on what’s important in our lives

appreciate distractions


“We are not taught how to be still or bring attention to the relationships between ourselves and the biosphere and thus we've created a culture that is disconnected from where things come from, who makes them, where they go, and the impacts our daily actions have on communities and the resources we all share and depend on.”

andrea sanders



short guided mindful practices

listen below


Mindfulness is beautiful

There is something very sweet and nourishing when we give something our attention. When we slow down from our normal pace and observe and pause to experience the moment with fullness. This awareness brings us to us an expanded view of the moment. Awareness is tender and joyful.

Mindfulness is the attentiveness to the present. It is also remembering to be aware of something as well. A quality of consciousness that is non-judgmental and purposeful.

Mindfulness is our own private experience. It looks differently for everyone. It’s our own relationships with what exists.

Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting, and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment.

The practices of mindfulness, meditation and conscious relaxation are some of the best tools for untangling and creating space from the stresses of our physical, mental, and emotional states.